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My Philosophy

I believe in listening to my clients and working together with them to reach the goals that are important to them to enable them to function to their maximum ability thus improving their quality of life.  I also believe in the importance of continuing education to gain appropriate knowledge and stay up to date so that I can provide the best and most appropriate treatment for my clients.  Working privately enables me to be able to devote more time to helping my client return to their normal functioning as quickly and painlessly as possible.


I work with both adults and children and where possible I believe in trying to find the source of their problem in order to try to solve and/or make permanent adaptations to their way of life.  For example if they are in pain due to repetitive stress injuries (RSI), like carpal tunnel syndrome, I will work with the client to find what movements make the pain worse and then look at their history to try to pinpoint the source.  The therapy will then involve both pain reduction and education to help prevent its recurrence.

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