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Beverley Goldstone

Licensed Occupational Therapist


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Coping with ADHD by using Cog-Fun

Cog-fun is a cognitive functional intervention used by occupational therapists specifically trained in this approach to help children, teenagers and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) function better in their daily lives specifically in the emotional, environmental and cognitive spheres.

Cog-fun is a client-centered intervention focusing on occupation (meaningful activity) designed specifically to improve executive function (i.e the ability to be able to control impulsivity and emotions, being flexible, working memory, self-monitor, being able to plan, prioritize, initiate and be organized) in children that have difficulty in many spheres of their lives. Biopsychosocial and environmental causes effect their daily function in a variety of areas of occupation.

Consequently, improvement in function and the quality of life of these children and their families is based on improving the therapeutic connection between the child and his/her parents, metacognitive learning and through learning behavior suitable for the environment.


Purpose of the Cog-Fun Approach

  1. To improve the quality of life of the client and his/her family.

  2. To improve participation in different occupations important in the client’s daily life.

  3. To instill executive strategies into the client and his/her family to enable them to cope better with the challenges of ADHD.

  4. To improve awareness of the effects of ADHD by instilling knowledge and learning through controlled trial and error.

  5. To provide successful experiences and the feeling of being capable of performing daily tasks.

  6. To train and empower the parents as agents in the therapeutic process.


Cog-fun has been developed and is being researched by the School of Occupational Therapy, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.


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