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Beverley Goldstone

Licensed Occupational Therapist


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Professional Experience

Beverley Goldstone, Occupational Therapist, Jerusalem, Israel

I am a licensed bi-lingual Occupational Therapist in Jerusalem, Israel who made Aliya in 1994 from Manchester, England and changed careers several years ago after realizing that I was being deprived of the satisfaction of being able to help people fulfill their maximum potential on a day to day basis.

After receiving my degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Haifa I initially volunteered in the Occupational Therapy Institute at Maccabi Healthcare Services, Jerusalem.  I then went on to work in Maonot Maccabi, Tel Hashomer where I gained experience working in geriatric rehabilitation with a multi-disciplinary staff.  On returning to work in Jerusalem, I returned to Maccabi Healthcare Services as a temporary employee (filling in for maternity leave) and gained experience working both in the hand clinic and doing home visits.  My work on the wards at Shaare Tzedek Hospital enabled me to gain further experience, this time performing basic cognitive and physical evaluations at the client’s bedside, thus initiating therapy to help the client return to themselves as quickly as possible and avoid “learned disuse” due to extended hospital stays.

Occupational Therapy in Jerusalem

Today, I practice occupational therapy privately in Jerusalem as well as continuing to work in the Child Development Unit, Community Centers Network, Beit Shemesh.  In Beit Shemesh I work with a multi-disciplinary staff dedicated to improving the lives of the local young population in whatever way possible.  I also volunteer on a weekly basis in the Exhibition and Guidance Centre of Yad Sarah, Jerusalem, something that I have been doing for some 8 years.

I continue to participate in professional courses that enable me to keep up to date with the latest techniques and provide the best possible treatment for my clients.  Recently, I have completed several courses in manual therapy (myofascial release and fascial manipulation) techniques which enable me to help my clients to improve movement and reduce their level of pain.

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